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How to choose good quality folding umbrella

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Umbrella can be rightfully considered one of the simplest, but most useful inventions of a person.
It would seem that umbrella is just a curved metal or wooden stick with frame, on which a waterproof cloth is stretched. But the choice of an umbrella should be approached thoughtfully and seriously.
Mainly umbrella divides into 2 models: straight umbrella and folding umbrella, today we talk about folding umbrella.
Folding umbrella is very convenient. Thanks to the design, it allows us to maximally compactly fold the device and place it in a purse and bag.
Now in market there are 2 folding, 3 folding, 4 folding and 5 folding umbrella, among those types 3 folding umbrella is most popular one.
When we choose umbrella, first from frame material. A good choice is steel. The most reliable devices are made of this metal. Product with steel frame will be significantly heavier than, for example, similar to aluminum. Plus aluminum - lightness.
Many good quality folding umbrellas are made of fiberglass, which is very important feature. It contains fibers so that umbrella keeps light and strong.
Second is fabric material. The most common are 3 kinds umbrella fabric.
Polyester. This material is covered with a special impregnation, which allows it to imitate other materials. For example, a brilliant satin.
Polyester is a cheap material.
Pongee - good quality, durable and elegant material, which is large used on umbrella production.
Nylon is a very good quality material, very rough.

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