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The definition of an umbrella is a piece of material stretched over a round spoked frame that provides shade or protection from rain, Wind, Sunshine Wet or something that protects.Folding Umbrella is something that is designed to cover multiple items at the same time.

   My dreams are a stupid refuge, like an umbrella against a thunderbolt. The umbrella as we know it today is primarily a device to keep people dry in rain or snow. Its original purpose was to shade a person from the sun, save from Rain, Wind etc.

   There is an abundance of references to the usage of parasols and umbrellas in art and literature from ancient Africa and Europe.

   About 2,000 years ago, the sun-umbrella was a common accessory for wealthy Greek and Roman women. It had become so identified as a "woman's object" that men who used it were subjected to ridicule. In the first century A.D., Roman women took to oiling their paper sunshades, intentionally creating umbrellas for use in the rain. There is even a recorded lawsuit dating from the first century over whether women should be allowed to open umbrellas during events held in amphitheaters. Although umbrellas blocked the vision of those behind them, the women won their case.

   It was not until 1750 that the Englishman Jonas Hanway set out to popularize the umbrella.
Due to the efforts of Hanway, MacDonald, and other enterprising individuals, the umbrella became a common accessory. In nineteenth-century England, specially designed handles that concealed flasks for liquors, daggers, and knives, small pads and pencils, or other items were in high demand by wealthy gentlemen. The umbrella became so popular that by the mid-twentieth century, if not earlier, etiquette demanded that the uniform of the English gentleman include hat, gloves, and umbrella. 

   The stick umbrella will usually begin its life as a shaft of either wood, steel, or aluminum, approximately 3/8 inch (.95 centimeter) thick. Fiberglass and other plastics are occasionally used, and in fact, they are common in the larger golf umbrella. Wood from various types of ash trees, including Rowan wood from Asia, is among the popular choices for a sturdy wood shaft. While wood shafts are made using standard wood-shaping machines such as turning machines and lathes, metal and plastic shafts can be drawn or extruded to the proper shape
The word "umbrella" typically refers to a device used for protection from rain, Sunshine. 

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