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How to choose straight umbrella

Author: Popularity: Time: 2017-09-05 09:32:47from:Sunsanna Zhou

How to choose straight umbrella
People seek protection from rain have two options: to buy a folding umbrella or to buy a straight umbrella(raincoats - a special case). If you made a choice of the latter one, it means that you already appreciated advantages of straight umbrella: stability in the wind, a large dome that protects against rain drops. Now choose straight umbrella is to choose it’s inside species, and both functionality and design are important here.

There are several models of straight umbrella, difference is the number of frame. The minimum possible number is 6, and the maximum is 24 today now. The optimal options are just those that are seeded - for 8 and 16 spokes. At 8, even more preferable is a stable design.
But most of all, stability is affected not by the number of frame, but by what material they are made of. Metal frame is most popular model, aluminum frame makes umbrella light weight, easy to carry. The strongest frame for today is made of fiberglass.

Another parameter by which one should approach the choice of straight umbrella is the handle, and its shape and material, from which material it is made is very important. Straight handle and hook handle are distinguished in shape. There are fans of the hook one, considering it more convenient and giving solidity. And there are those who prefer a straight handle, believing that it does not heavy like a hook model.
Regarding the material of handle, there are three options: plastic, wooden, rubber coated. Plastic is cheaper, lighter, but easily breaks when the umbrella falls. The wooden handle is safer and more pleasant. The most practical is rubber coated handle, it will not break and the hand will not slip off it even if the storm wind. Also there is PU handle, metal handle...

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