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Color changing umbrella No.1

Author: Popularity: Time: 2017-09-13 11:05:51from:Carol Zhang

Ok umbrella is a professional umbrella manufacturer which local in Guangdong province, China . Our office in Shenzhen and factory in Huizhou .
Ok umbrella factory passed the Disney & Sedex audit on 2015 and have our own brand. We passed Wal-mart audit on 2016 and cooperated with many big brand like Disney, Maserati, HSBC and Fedex. Our factory have own designer team, sales team, manufacture and after selling service, if you want custom your umbrella, we will be your good choice.
Our Ok umbrella factory is the No.1,. We have more than 15 years experienced on produced umbrella and 10 years on developed color changing umbrella, Ok umbrella factory has the patent on color changing umbrella. In those past 15 years, we are totaly focused on high quality umbrella, such as more waterproof fabric and stronger frame. We are always working on new products, we created the first smart umbrella in 2015, which has the APP can detected SPF, weather, and you will never lose you umbrella any more, it has GPS function which can help you find your umbrella again.
Umbrella is always protect you from the rain and sun, it is a good gift for someone who you want to protect, and now, our factory can custom your design with MOQ 1 pcs if you want. Share your idea with us and we can help to come true your dream.


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