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Do believe i can make your life colorful

Author: Popularity: Time: 2017-09-12 18:30:37from:Sunsanna Zhou

In rainny day sky becomes gloomy, everything eclipsed, everywhere goes wet, people feels blue, the appear of color changing umbrella change the situation and make our life colorful even in rainy day.
Color changing umbrella(color change umbrella) - this is the mdoel of umbrella, which appear colorful pattern when water drops on fabric of umbrella, for example, if the pattern on umbrella is flower design, once the rain drops the dome, the charming spring flowers will blossom!
Here we need to know how the umbrella works, first the colorful design is printed under white color, so at the first sight it looks like simply umbrella with white logo, when rain drops on fabric, the maracle happened: pattern turns lighting. Then when dry pattern again becomes white, the paint fades and loses color until the next rain.

Color changing umbrella - an original gift with surprise, specially for girls and kids color changin gumbrella is very popular.
Our OK Umbrella factory have patent of making color changing umbrella in China, we have rich experience in it. Umbrella pattern can be made per your design. Just tell us your idea, we’ll help you make it true, welcome!