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Automatic Folding umbrella From Okumbrella Shenzhen Company

Author: Popularity: Time: 2017-09-08 13:32:09from:Josen Zhang

Hot sale on amazon from okumbrella,
This folding umbrella is super easy to operate! Especially the automatic folding umbrella.
You simply push the button to open and push again to close.
I had this folding umbrella in my car and got caught in a sudden rainstorm. It folding umbrella was very gusty that day. I was worried how this would hold up but it was awesome. I was able to grab the folding umbrella and have it extended in record time. You can even operate it with one hand. It really held up to the gusty winds that day. It was easy to put down and secure with the velcro strap. It dried quickly. This automatic folding umbrella is very durable.
This folding umbrella is perfect size when you open it and is compact enough to fit in a small bucket style purse, it's pretty lightweight too. This folding umbrella from okumbrella Shenzhen company, is an Umbrella manufacturer located in Shenzhen area of Guangdong, Our factory as a processing plant for more than 20 years, with skilled experience in umbrella manufacturing for some famous brand, since 2007,we developed our own marketing department for Foreign sales.      
Okumbrella, good name, good umbrella!
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