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This Reverse Umbrella You Never See Before

Author: Popularity: Time: 2017-09-07 10:28:04from:Carol

The reverse umbrella was invented by A British inventor, he was perplexed by the crowed people to open the umbrellas together when start rainy, as someone maybe poke he and when he get in the car, it is very difficult to close the umbrella, also, still have not umbrella can stand at floor.详情5
He has a idea which changed the umbrella world in the past two years. He create the reverse umbrella which has many advantages , First , this new model can stand at floor,because  those 8 tips are downward. It is upside down frame which makes the rain drop to the floor and won’t wet your clothes . It is good for close the door, if use the normal umbrella, it will make you body in the rain to close the door, but the reverse umbrella will be smaller and smaller, so it keep you dry to into the rain. I like the hands free C handle very much, it overturned our old eye. In the past, we should hold the umbrella, and just one hand to do other thing in the rain, it very bad to take a baby or play your phone, but C handle solve our problem, you just make your hand cross the handle and it is perfect to do others thing whatever you want.004
Did you saw this reverse umbrella before? Contact us to get one, this is Carol.

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