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Transparent Umbrella------Just for Meeting You

Author: Popularity: Time: 2017-09-04 10:30:42from:Cici Yang

There is always the scene in some romantic TV series, that is two lovers appears in the poetic town. the girl is holding up a paper umbrella in a rain day, then to avoid the boy’s eyes to look for her, then they never see each other in the future. It is a pity for this couple of lovers, and they missed the love, just because the paper umbrella. Now, they will never miss the love if they have a transparent umbrella. They will see each other even hundreds of people between them in a heavy rain day. The transparent umbrella has many functions, it can beautify your life.
1.     Harvesting love
In a heavy rain day, people are busy for their road. And maybe you will meet your girl in your heart. You still fall in love with her, but never tell her. At this time, you may have a chance to say it to her at the first sight of the face under the transparent umbrella. Then just go on to tell her.
2.     Following the fashion.
Did you see this TV in this summer? It is very popular, and everyone is talking about this. Also the transparent umbrella of the boy is winning a lot fans. Then it is a fashion among the girls to take a transparent umbrella.
3.     Healing the heart.
People maybe fell too miserable in a rain day, especially a storm rain day. Cause it is wet everywhere. And very easy to be in no mood for work and life. At this time, really hope one thing can bright your world, that is the bubble transparent umbrella. It is so delighted to see the colorful bubble on the umbrella, then the power recovers to you.
It is a fate to meet each other in a appropriate time. If you have someone in your heart, just send her one transparent umbrella, then to bright your world together. Hope you can gain what you want.
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